I am not the kind of designer who churns out 100 logos per year. I don’t use clipart in my logo design. I take the time to get to know my clients well before my pen hits paper so that I can effectively visually represent the unique aspects of my clients’ personalities and the nuances of their businesses. I hold a degree in print design and have been freelancing for 8 years and have recently made a foray into web development. I’m not interested in lightning fast turnaround or a ‘turn and burn’ style of work. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do and the people I work for and that is enough to sustain me. When I’m not designing, I am taking care of my family, working on my house or in my garden, riding my bike or hiking in the Stanislaus and/or doing whatever normal things folks do in these parts of the Sierra. I make functional sculpture out of metal and bone when I have time though these days, since becoming a mother, I mostly just add to my metal and bone collection and dream about adding more hours to my day.